Corporate Social Responsibility

MJ MarCable Consulting AB sponsors "Barnfonden", a member of ChildFund.

Shubi Gemo primary school in district Dudga is about 3 hours driving from the capital Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. 753 children go to the school in, today, overcrowded classrooms. Few and old school books are the only material available. The hygienic conditions can be improved. The local project, financed by Barnfonden and sponsored by MarCable Consulting targets increasing the number of classrooms, building toilets, powering the building with solar cells, utilizing clean rainwater and empower the local people.

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Quite some work has been done the last months. Even though floodings have made the work difficult. The result looks very good!

The walls of four classrooms in Barnfondens school are now in place! Also the construction details necessary for the roof have been built.