The Shubi Gemo primary school construction site


I have been quiet about this Barnfonden project for some time. But that does not mean nothing has happened!

Let me first write about the very beginning.

Ato Doni is the dweller of the Shubi Gemo Kebele. He is 31 years' old, has four children, 2 boys and 2 girls who go at the school. He is a member of the community school committee. He explained his feelings when construction site clearance was started.

"Shubi Gemo primary school is one of the schools built by government and community during construction. We don't have no enough classes and student desks to accommodate more children. The already enrolled children do have friendly learning environment. But because of the shortage of classrooms, the students in one room are many in number. Due to this reason school administration forced to divide students into two shifts morning and afternoon, but absenteeism and dropouts are prevailing problems. In addition to overcrowded classrooms, children who have promoted to grade 7 are forced to quit their education because the school is only up to grade 6. I hope the new additional class construction will solve the above mentioned problems. I am very happy to see the foundation and site clearing for construction."

The next blogg will hopefully show the new classrooms take shape!