School in Corona-era


The Corona virus is everywhere. It is a pandemic. We are for understandable reasons focused on our own everyday life. But, also in Ethiopia the everyday life is highly affected. More than you might imagine.

As you for sure remember, in the beginning of this year the local people finished building the school in the Dugda province in Ethiopia. Unfortunately the school building is currently not used as much as it was planned for. As a result of the virus, education is taking place at home - and not as often in the beautiful new building.

Barnfonden supports the families by making sure education materials are transported to their homes. Parents and adult friends of the children are given aid in the process of home-education.

For girls in Ethiopia, not being at school in Ethiopia also means the risk of having to work or getting married at young age. All in order to manage the poor families economy. That is why it is still important to continue supporting this project financially.

In Ethiopia, education is more than just that.

Education is Life!