Colour, roof and walls


Quite some work has been done the last months. Even though floodings have made the work difficult. The result looks very good!

Walls, roof and colour.

A first insight in the class rooms witnesses about light and space. The rooms in the previous school were dark. It was not the optimal environment for children (and anyone) to learn. Look at the difference!

Next, electricity will be installed. Solar power is the most obvious and environmentally friendly choice of accomplishing this. Water tanks, collecting rain water, will provide in the need of clean water. 

In all the enthusiasm of the construction work we do not forget why Barnfonden and MarCable Consulting are supporting the local people building this new school. Necho tells about her previous worries of not being able to go to school. To not get educated, because her parents could not afford the fee of other schools further away. With the building of the nearby Shubi Gemo school in Dugda, Ethiopia, she can go to school for an affordable fee. With the new school building and class rooms, Necho has regained hope to finish school and continue education.

I will keep you updated!