MVAC Cable Systems

What are the do's and the do not's? Shall one be carefull with installation, or "it's just MV" so it's not that important? Can one measure the status of the cable and their accessories? The questions can be many. The course will give you a good understanding with a clear link to practice. 

The course can be of interest for people that have the operational responsibility of their MVAC grid. Or installers that want to learn more of the theory and practice of MV cable systems. Maybe you feel you have  too many cable failures in your grid and want to learn what your options are. Then this course can be of interest for you.

The course lasts 1 day and can be given in English or Swedish.

The chapters in the course are:

  • Basic cable technology and cable types
  • Accessories
  • Cable physics
  • Ageing
  • Water treeing
  • Testing and Qualification
  • Fault location

If you are interested, then please contact me for an offer.