Technology choice

MI HVDC cables have been around for some 7 decennia. DC-XLPE cables with their 2 decades of commercial existence have also grown a lot in volume.

Both technologies have their sisters and brothers. One can gather MI and PPLP cables under the common denominator of Lapped Technologies. Similarly one can put XLPE, nano-filled insulation and HPTE (High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomers) under a common roof called Extruded Technologies.

It is not always an easy task for a TSO to choose between these DC-technologies. They all have their pro's and con's. And it's not only about technology. Aspects that must be taken into account range from manufacturing capacity, experience, cost, performance, sub-supply to mention some.

MarCable Consulting can help sorting this out. Even though the choice is in the end the customer's, information is the key to a sound decision. An extensive report summarizing the different aspects is one option. A 1-day lecture & discussion is another option. Or why not both?

Please contact me if you are interested.