School is ready!


After a long journey the school buildings are ready. The inauguration has taken place. Children and parents were happy and proud! Dance, songs and a tour through the buildings were part of the program. The project delivered 3 school buildings with 4 class rooms each. 

A place for education, a place for joy, a place to live and learn. And all that in a clean and safe environment. Focus was to give both girls and boys an equal possibility to develop and grow.

It does not end here. In a way the journey only begins. Now education starts.

MarCable Consulting will sponsor Barnfonden, partner in Childfund, as an education partner.

The idea behind being an education partner is to further help children with their human rights for education. To support the education process. Children who have had the chance to go to school have a bigger chance to move out from poverty. MarCable Consulting will financially support projects via Barnfonden to ensure that such goals can be achieved. Example projects are:

  • This school in Ethopia (Shubi Gemo)
  • Learning center in Kotra in India helping children who live too long from school
  • Library project in Cambodja

  • Adapt schools in Addis Abeba in Ethiopia for children with special needs like handicap-friendly toilets, educate teachers, ramps

By being an education partner through Barnfonden one helps supporting children to receive education and a better chance in life!