If you are a TSO or Utility

The life of a power cable project within a Utility starts with an idea and ends with the operation of the installed product. MarCable Consulting can execute or judge pre-studies, pre-FEEDS and FEEDS that help funnel the project and make choices based on techno-economical evaluations. Following, MarCable Consulting can help writing technical specifications for the project followed by assisting in technical clarifications meetings where designs are being scrutinized. During the execution phase of the project MarCable Consulting can act as Customers' representative. Specifically, MarCable Consulting can act as an independent witness of electrical testing. Sometimes things do not work out the way it should, and cables can fail. In such a case MarCable Consulting can act as an independent witness in failure investigations and write reports and advice on ways forward.

If you are an NGO

In the development phase of projects to be executed by TSO's many questions may arise by local societies. People may wonder whether the cable is dangerous, or whether the cable threatens the environment. Or one might wonder what the benefits are, "why are they doing this"? MarCable Consulting can assist in education sessions to answer these kinds of questions to you or to end-customers. In the end all want to have a clear message based on the technical content but translated into non-specialist language. MarCable Consulting has the possibility to give inspiring presentations that put technical knowledge in relation to the global picture of the project.

If you are a cable manufacturer

Following a similar path as the TSO's, MarCable Consulting can help performing pre-studies if asked for by a TSO. Following, MarCable Consulting can help with the pre-award phase in terms of reviewing, analyzing and running specific parts. When in the project execution phase MarCable Consulting can help managing technical parts of the project. MarCable Consulting offers also to manage R&D portfolio's or projects, however, clearly restricted by never using classified data and knowledge from other parties.