The school taking shape


The walls of four classrooms in Barnfondens school are now in place! Also the construction details necessary for the roof have been built.

Electricity shall be installed. The most obvious source of energy is of course the sun. Therefor the electricity will be generated by solar cells. Electricity driven fans will create a good temperature. Windows can be closed if the weather is too hot or rain is pooring down. Lights enable the children to read, learn and work.

A rainwater container will be made available. This is important to offer the children a hygienic place to wash and clean. 

Of course the rooms shall be equipped with functional and nice tables and chairs.

Toilets, so obvious to us, will be constructed, to avoid diseases to spread. This is especially important for girls who too often stay at home when having their menstruation cycle. When staying home they will lagg in school. And in the end they just stop going to school. Possibilities for cleaning and good hygiene will hopefully prevent this from happening.

Having toilets and running water is not enough. Education about hygiene and diseases is just as important. This will be a task for the teachers; helped by Barnfonden.

Shubi Gemo primary school in district Dudga is about 3 hours driving from the capital Addis Abeba. 753 children go to the school in, today, overcrowded classrooms. Few and old school books are the only material available.

I hope to report more in the coming months and learn how the local people make things better in the Shubi Gemo school!